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Up Close Hollywood Road

Curated by Hilda Chan and Iven Cheung, “Up Close – Hollywood Road” is a group exhibition that uses contemporary art as a means to intervene the everyday environment and operation of antique shops, thereby creating a dialogue between history and modern times as well as art and traditional craft. The participating artists of the show have different takes on collecting antiques and approach it from their own points of view. Two renowned local artists, Lam Tung Pang and Lau Hok Shing, have produced site-specific works for Hon Ming Gallery.


Lam Tung Pang has created an installation that was inspired by the Ming furniture at Hon Ming. Drawing from the love story of the Ming dynasty “The Tale of Red Whisk”, Lam believes the lost- and-found dynamic in a romantic relationship is mirrored in the present-day relationship between collectors and antique objects.


Lau Hok Shing produced a series of sculptures modelled after scholar’s rocks and other collectibles treasured by Ming and Qing Dynasty literati. Despite being inspired by century-old objects, Lau’s work betrays an acute awareness of Hong Kong’s current situation.

Other parts of the exhibition are showcased in three other antique galleries of different disciplines along Hollywood Road.

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